• Expert in Aesthetics, Strength, Education, and Charisma
  • IFBB Pro Bodybuilder
  • Guinness World Record-Holding Powerlifter
  • Bachelors and Masters Degrees in Kinesiology
  • YouTuber with more than 380,000 subscribers
  • Coach of more than 1,000 diet, training, and supplements clients around the world
  • Published Author 
  • NOT: A doctor, lawyer, dietician, chef, astronaut, sex therapist, police officer


Greg's Story

Greg Doucette has been lifting heavy things from as early as 7 years young when he first caught the iron itch. He would pick up things over his head and smash them on the ground, just like the Olympic weightlifters in the Olympics he saw on television
Greg started training alongside his dad for several years with nothing but cement blocks and steel rods. When Greg was 10, his dad got injured and stopped training altogether. But by then, Greg had fallen in love with lifting heavy things and getting stronger. So he started sneaking into the basement to train by himself when his parents — both schoolteachers — taught during the day.

When Greg turned 13, he discovered the sport of bodybuilding while sitting on the couch and watching an episode of That’s Incredible! that featured a 13-year old competing in bodybuilding. Greg had already been training for several years by then and knew he would someday be on a stage like that, dominating with his sculpted physique that he worked hard to build.

Greg has balanced both strength and physique pursuits, competing on and off in both powerlifting and bodybuilding since his teenage years and well into his forties. Along the way, Greg set national and world records, won national and international competitions, and earned his IFBB pro bodybuilding card in 2012

Greg is not only a decorated athlete and bodybuilder but also a student of sports science. After spending 6 years studying the science of human anatomy and movement, he earned both his Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in kinesiology.

Today, Greg draws from his formal education and his 2+ decades of powerlifting and bodybuilding experience to coach people from around the world. From the newcomer to the IFBB pro, he is passionate about helping people achieve lasting results and build habits that will keep them healthy for a lifetime. He has been coaching clients — both in person and online — in contest prep, general fitness, powerlifting, and nutrition for more than a decade and has worked with thousands of people.

Recently, Greg has expanded his influence beyond his one-on-one clients to YouTube where he has reached more than 1 million subscribers and his videos have more than 300 million views. Greg works around the clock to entertain his audience, to dispel common myths perpetuated by the fitness industry, and to help people achieve their best physiques.

A Short List of Greg’s Accomplishments

EducationB.S. Kinesiology, Acadia University

• Dean’s List every year 

M.S. Kinesiology, St. Francis Xavier University

• Highest GPA in class, 3.93 out of 4.00

Bodybuilding Accolades

• IFBB Pro Bodybuilder (earned at Canadian Nationals in 2012)

• Competed in 54 bodybuilding competitions

• Canadian Nationals Light Heavyweight Champion (2012)

• Competed at invitation-only IFBB New York PRO (2013) and Toronto Pro 

• 212 Bodybuilding IFBB Pro Show at Toronto ProShow - 9th place (2016) 

• 212 Bodybuilding IFBB Pro Show at Vancouver Pro - 9th placeClassic Physique 

• IFBB Germany Pro - 9th Place (2019)

• Classic Physique IFBB Niagara Falls Pro - 4th Place (2019)

Powerlifting Resume

• Competed in more than 60 powerlifting contests

• Official Guinness Book of World Record Sumo Deadlift Record Holder 

• WPC World Champion 90kg Overall (2011)

• Current WPC World Record Holder in Bench Press in the 90 kg weight class

• All time Masters Raw bench press record holder 529 lbs at 90 kg/198 lbs


As a world-renowned coach and athlete in bodybuilding and powerlifting, Greg has been featured numerous training articles and showcased in pictures and videos in over 20 magazines, including Planet Muscle, MuscleMag International, Flex, Muscular Development, and VICE. 

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