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  • Breathable, comfortable, stretchy fit. Durable. It will last longer than last time. Ideal for workouts and casual wear.
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Why we made this

I wanted to make something better. I wanted a clothing line of my own. By athletes, for athletes.

Plus, many of you circles have been begging me to make some good clothing. So my team and I finally did it.

We did several trials. Lots of samples, lots of testing on fit and fabric. We settled on something that you would have seen me wearing in some of my videos.

I didn't want to put out something I wouldn't wear myself. You all know me—I pride myself on my relentless pursuit of honesty and always going harder than last time. I ALWAYS give you the BEST I've got.

These are the first products I have designed and developed from scratch in clothing and I'm just getting started.

This isn't your average print-on-demand tank that everybody and their mother has. We picked the fabric, designed the shape, the feel, customized the graphics and printing that is of a standard that won't run off after a few uses or washes. It's not like the cheap stuff that cracks or fades easily. It's literally fused to the fabric.

We ordered a limited batch in the first two designs to see how you like it. This first set of tanks is available on a first-come, first-serve basis. Shipping to the US only.

Super excited and can't wait for you guys, gals, and circles to wear it.

Greg Doucette
Coach Greg

Reasons I love it

I wore this tank many times while going harder than last time in the gym to assess comfort and durability. What did I find?

It's moisture-wicking, feels great, and is easy to care for.

We added a little more stretch so it's great to work out in. The roomy cut around the neck and arm area was tested and perfected to ensure comfort during bike rides, heavy lifts, and pumping-iron sessions. (Or whatever circles like to do every day)!

Two is better than one and one is better than none.

Grab both HTLT styles while they're available.

At this time, shipping is to the U.S. only. Sadly my non-U.S. customerswill have to wait until we have a more robust fulfillment operation. Forthis first batch, it's available for customers in the U.S.

We are offering free shipping on all orders to the US.

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We are offering 14-day returns on all purchases. You will have to pay to ship the tank back to us, but that's all. You will receive a full refund on your purchase as long as the tank is still in new condition.
90% Polyester, 10% Elastane

Weight: 180 grams