• 13 athletes, 42 recipes, 130+ pages of nothing but FLAVOR.
  • Tasty food that gets EVEN TASTIER RESULTS!
  • Support your favorite athletes and educators AND get fitter at the same time!

What do you get when you put 13 Coach Greg-approved superchefs in the kitchen?

Ridiculously tasty recipes that will change your friggin' life!

This is a book that builds BETTER eating habits…

10 egg whites and 6 bowls of rice?

NEVER BEFORE have this many fit chefs joined their forks together to share mouth-watering recipes in one book...

Until NOW.

Let's meet your NEW chefs...

Jonni Shreve

IFBB Pro Bodybuilder
EXPERT strength and conditioning coach!

Greg O'Gallagher (Kinobody)

Believer and preacher of a BALANCED fitness lifestyle
Mentor for over 500k inspired lifters!

Will Tennyson

Passionate about cooking, lifting, and MOTIVATING others!
YouTuber, Instagrammer, and Men's Health star

Merijn Schoeber

BEST-SELLING fitness author & Men's Health model!
He's all about the work hard, play hard lifestyle.

Anthony Mantello

On the road to be youngest IFBB Pro EVER
Shares his committed journey to over 130k subscribers

Jon Call (Jujimufu)

MASTER of flexibility, raw strength, and crazy awesome tricks!
America's Got Talent and social media star

Simon Miller

Bodybuilder AND professional UK wrestler!
Shares his lifting wisdom to over 200k YouTube fans

Nicole Collett

Loser of over 130 pounds!
Shares her inspirational weight-loss content to over 50k fans!

Scott Murray

MSc in Nutrition and Health
Shares the food SCIENCE with 140K+ Instagram followers

Bahij Kaddoura

Bodybuilder and fitness motivator to over 750K+ Instagram fans

Stephanie Joshi (NuttyFoodieFitness)

She's all about balance and NEVER restricts on food!
Shares her fitness journey with over 100k YouTube foodies

Joshua Kratt (TheIronMusket)

MASTER anabolic food reviewer!
Shares low calorie-dense recipes to over 25k YouTube fans!

Nick Kenney (Exercise4CheatMeals)

The ULTIMATE anabolic YouTube chef!
MSc in exercise physiology AND a fitness coach!
Why have I chosen THESE athletes, coaches, and educators?

Because they are dedicated to their passion for fitness and sharing their wisdom.

The TRUTH is...

There are MANY influencers out there trying to exploit and manipulate their followers into buying their BULLSHIT "meal plans."

Cookie-cutter guides that are filled with boring, generic, and tasteless recipes that are NOT designed for long-term success and NOT with your results in mind.

These morons may be a 9.99 on the Richter scale for good looks, but they don't have A-ZEERRROOOO friggin' clue about nutrition!


What's different about this cookbook...
  • INSTANT access to over 40+ mouth-watering dishes made from REAL DEAL athletes and coaches.
  • Recipes that make you FULL and completely SATISFIED! NO force-feeding crap that you don’t want to eat!
  • Unique, internationally sourced flavors that you’re NOT going to find anywhere else.
  • Every recipe is moron-friendly, easy to prepare and NO messy prep needed!
  • And if you really have to track… You get FULL access to calorie, macro, and ingredient info for EVERY dish.
Thing is, stuffing down 10 egg whites and 6 bowls of rice everyday ISN’T going to get you the results you want to see.

(because eating like that is just plain moronic.)

I mean, do you really want to eat foods like these for the rest of your life:

Big bowls of oatmeal,
Unsalted chicken breasts and brown rice,
Unflavored protein shakes,
And even bigger bowls of oatmeal?

Do they sound ‘exciting’ to you?
(If they do, then maybe this book isn’t for you.)

But if you’re like the 99% of us... eating these boring, bland meals everyday ISN’T fun or sustainable.

But imagine eating foods like THESE everyday:

Delicious, Low-Calorie Nachos...
Irresistible Banana Protein Pancakes...
Anabolic Fish & Chips…
Indulgent Lemon Berry Cheesecake…

Not only are these recipes HEALTHY and stupidly simple to make, but they get you AMAZING results too!
(And they ALL taste just as good as they sound.)

These are recipes that come from some of the most successful, results-driven fitness minds around today.

If you want to take the risk and buy from someone you ‘think’ can help, go ahead. Buy their course or book and hope you can see some results.


Buy my cookbook that not only features recipes from ME and GENUINE educators, but you get a MASSIVE variety of international flavors - food you can enjoy AND still see results with!

My other cookbooks have been helping THOUSANDS of people discover how to make nutrition simpler, easier, and more balanced.
If you've already bought one, why this one?
  • Even though I am the master of making the BEST recipes, sometimes I (even me, Coach Greg) need a helping hand.
  • Support your fitness fan favorites!
  • Discover even MORE crazy, muscle-packing recipes!
  • Explore authentic, internationally sourced dishes!

About Greg Doucette


I’m no stranger to the world of bodybuilding, powerlifting, and lifting heavy things in the weight room. For more than 20 years, I’ve not only been pushing myself further, I’ve been helping my clients do it too.

But I also believe in balance. I’m NOT thinking about weights every waking minute, or tracking my protein levels every hour. I want to enjoy life without restricting myself and that is what I teach to all my students on the Coach Greg YouTube channel.

Love to lift and love to eat and you will have ZERO problems in building a physique (and life) YOU desire.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is this an eBook?
Yes! Store it on your phone, tablet, PC - or whatever new, moronic smart device you have.
How do I get the book?
As soon as you purchase, the book will be emailed to you straight away. Download via PDF and get instant access to over 40+ delicious recipes!
Can I trust these influencers?
There are a lot of shady, money-grabbing content creators out there, and I can understand the concern, but ALL of these chefs (and their recipes) have been personally vetted and verified by me. They wouldn’t be in this cookbook if I thought otherwise!
Will this book really help me get better results?
Well, you have 2 choices. Stick with the stupid, generic nutrition advice from fake influencers and sponsored websites.

Or... listen to me and 13 other EXPERTS where our tried-and-tested results speak for themselves.

I actually enjoy chicken breast and brown rice, do I need to buy this cookbook?
If you get satisfaction out of simple, boring foods, then great! But this book gives you wayyy more options to add some variety into your life! And variety = FUN!
Shouldn't I listen to professionals instead?
Even though we’re not doctors or health advisors, what we do have is COMMON FRIGGIN' SENSE! We’re about healthy, great-tasting foods that can be sustained for the long term. You DON’T need some thousand dollar ‘specialist’ to get great results!
Are there vegetarian options?
Yes! There are lots of unique, veggie-friendly dishes in here that are packed with tasty ingredients.
Do you offer refunds?
No. Learning how to prepare and cook these satisfying meals is an investment that will stay with you for LIFE. You will never need a refund if you actually follow what we say!