About Harder Than Last Time! eBook & training programs

Harder Than Last Time! The Complete Muscle & Strength Training Manual was originally released as an eBook more than a year ago. It contains more than 50 pages of foundational information on training, from mindset, to more technical details on how to progress in both the short- and long-term.

With reports of tremendous success from clients all around the world, I've decided to offer the beginner, intermediate, and advanced training programs separately. This will offer a more cost-effective option and allow you to pre-select the training program based on your experience level.

Whether you choose beginner, intermediate, or advanced, your ebook will contain the FULL manual of information on training, as well as 4 different programs to choose from:

  • 60-minute program for strength
  • 60-minute program for hypertrophy (muscle-building)
  • 90-minute program for strength
  • 90-minute program for hypertrophy

Built-in flexibility depending on your time commitments. Both 60- and 90-minute training program options are included.

Training programs designed for your goals. Want to build strength? Muscle? Pick your focus and there's a program for you.

50+ pages of foundational (and educational) information on how to structure the BEST workout plan based on your individual circumstances

Cardio and diet guidelines covered. What kind of training book ALSO contains info on cardio and diet? Most don't... but Coach Greg's do!

Includes a HUGE exercise library to provide you with flexibility to choose exercises you like and can perform based on equipment availability

Detailed guides into sets, reps, rest-times, weight/resistance, and intensity, as well as coaching instructions for each exercise.

Easy to follow training programs

No overly complicated training plans that leave you feeling confused and deflated in the gym. Feel empowered with simple and sustainable training. 95% of customers said the training plans were easy to follow.

High quality

Harder Than Last Time! The Complete Muscle & Strength Training Manual was rated a 4.6 on quality on average by 329 customers.

High value, high satisfaction.

98% of customers would recommend Harder Than Last Time! training programs to a friend.

Reviews from REAL Customers

Daniel Walker

"I am a single dad of two beautiful daughters. I was always somewhat of an athlete but always held a lot of fat. Started training at home when my job got shut down by the pandemic. When gyms opened in June here in Florida I joined one and was following an online program and decided to buy Coach Greg's workout book. After working relentlessly for 5 months I competed in my first show in the classic physique division on 3 weeks notice. Now I am preparing for my second show on June 5th. I hope to be not only a great natural bodybuilder but a legendary one and I will work hard and do whatever it takes to achieve that.

Your book taught me a lot of different things I didn't know about how muscle is actually built. I knew a lot of the basics already but the book helped me take my training to another level of efficiency."

Renee Brazzo

"I’m a marathon runner that lacks weightlifting discipline. Having a guide with structure helps with accountability. It’s also not intimidating. As a female, it can be intimidating to choose workouts that you don’t often see women choose.

I’ve been neglecting to push myself to the next level. This book has allowed me to progressively build my strength. I’ve actually noticed a difference in my ability to lift more. Still working on balancing running and lifting but it’s brought more discipline in my routine.

There’s a routine for every fitness need. There’s a variety of exercises to choose from to accommodate your lifestyle; home gym, no gym, or access to fitness center. This is not gender focused. These are routines that anyone at any level can do."

Lee Homer

"I love everything about it, I’ve learnt more from your book than anything else. My body fat is slowly going down every week, I can definitely see definition happening & my cardio is improving every week too.

But it now, ignore everything else you see or read, don’t waste time, your life will change instantly."

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