At-Home Testosterone Testing

Partnership with LetsGetChecked

Over the past year I have said no to collaborating on most companies that reach out to me. They either aren’t the right fit or I’m simply not interested.

However I was approached by LetsGetChecked to test out their product and so I did. The company operates with a focus on the US and most English speaking countries providing tests across the board.

Getting your testosterone checked is one of the most fundamental tests you can do when trying to understand how your body and hormones are affecting and adapting to your training, workout and daily activities. So go ahead and do it!

Whether you are a male, female, or Circle, it doesn't matter! LetsGetChecked has a test for you.

If you haven’t seen my video on testing, check it out here.

Why should you get a blood test?

Your body is a complex machine. To train harder, better and be the most efficient machine you have to understand what your baseline is. Once you understand your body better, you can better track and improve your performance.

Do I get paid for this?

You bet I do! Every time a new person buys from LetsGetChecked, they will give me a small percentage of that sale.