Have you ever wanted to be part of an inner circle?

Have you wanted to have me answer your questions? Live?

Well your prayers have been answered fellow circle.

I am trialling a new thing to see how you guys like it. In fact, you aren not going to like it, you’re gonna love it!

For one month only I am charging $10 one off for you to access 4 live sessions with me and other circles this month. becuase there will be a smaller group of you, you get to ask me live anything you want.

1. I am going to go onto 4 live sessions a month. Lasting 30 mins to an hour. In that time I will answer live any questions you have to do with fitness, training, diet or anything else that intrigues you.

2. Once we see enough of you want it, I might extend it even longer…

So what are you waiting for? Apply below and we will let you know if you are selected to be in the first group for the live sessions.

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