The VitaFiber Alternative

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FibrO is derived from plants.

Great for mixing in drinks or used for baking.

FibrO is Low Calorie and great natural sweetener.

Great source of prebiotics for digestive health!





95% Raw Material 5% Water


1 tbsp = 8g serving size

18 kcal from carbohydrates

Expect updates to ALL COACH GREG RECIPES in cookbooks using the FibrO Powder.

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There are NO returns on OPENED products. However, you can return any UNOPENED product, at your own cost.

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There is a good chance we will sell out of FibrO very quickly due to the low supply of the first batch. If you are interested in purchasing but missed out the first round, CLICK HERE to fill out an interest form. You will be notified as soon as we are restocked.