One-Time Plan for Diet, Training &/or Supplements
One-Time Plan for Diet, Training &/or Supplements
One-Time Plan for Diet, Training &/or Supplements
One-Time Plan for Diet, Training &/or Supplements
One-Time Plan for Diet, Training &/or Supplements
One-Time Plan for Diet, Training &/or Supplements

    One-Time Plan for Diet, Training &/or Supplements


      If 1-on-1 coaching is out of your price range, BUY A ONE-TIME PLAN! You will get a custom plan that is COMPLETELY TAILORED TO YOU!!

      IT DOESN'T MATTER what your training experience is, how many injuries you've sustained, how obese you are or how slow-as-Grandma-Josephine you are. I write one-time plans for diet, training, and supplements for EVERYONE!

      My coaching plans are PERSONALIZED to YOU and come with built-in SUSTAINABILITY AND FLEXIBILITY. Because, as you should know by now from watching my videos, the best diet and training plans are the ones you ACTUALLY DO!! My goal is for you to have FUN and be able to follow your plan FOR LIFE.

      Here's what a one-time plan client "Keith Polnik" had to say:

      The quality of the plan is very high. You get what you pay for. I felt each meal was customized for ME. What I like to eat, but most importantly, what I do NOT like to eat. The training program I was given was very simple, I told Greg my level of training, and everything was laid out, easy to read, easy to follow... It goes to show (again) how truly vested Greg is with each of his clients.


      Diet Plan

      • A completely personalized and sustainable diet plan with meal times designed to meet the needs of YOUR work and training schedule
      • A meal plan completely tailored to YOUR physique, fitness, and weight loss/maingain/hulking goals
      • Meals featuring what YOU LIKE TO EAT as well as what you CAN eat based on allergies.
      • Meals that DO NOT include what you DON'T like to eat. I won't tell you to eat chicken and broccoli unless you say that you LOVE chicken and broccoli!!
      • Built-in flexibility and sustainability! Remember: the diet plan you DO FOR LIFE is the diet plan that get you the physique you want FOR LIFE!
      • Plans for cheat meals and snacks because it's important that you ENJOY your diet and can follow the plan while LIVING YOUR LIFE
      • Delicious meals fit for your meal plan with my complete set of diet-friendly recipes (hint: that's MORE than what you get in The Ultimate Anabolic Cookbook)
      • A FREE copy of The Ultimate Anabolic Cookbook - a $99 value!

      Training Plan
      • A completely personalized and sustainable training plan designed to meet the needs of YOUR lifestyle, goals, and experience level
      • Exercises selected for YOU based on your athletic history, injury history, physique weaknesses, equipment availability, and, most importantly, what YOU LIKE TO DO
      • Instructions for sets and reps and how to train HARDER THAN LAST TIME
      • Instructions for advanced training techniques such as partials reps, pauses, and down sets as appropriate based on experience level
      • Built-in flexibility so that you don't get BORED and can change it up over time
      • A FREE copy of The Home & Hotel Hypertrophy Handbook - a $47 value!

        Supplements Plan


        • A completely personalized supplements plan designed to meet the needs of YOUR lifestyle and goals, regardless of whether or not you currently take supplements
        • Plan takes into account your supplements history as well as health status and goals
        • Plan takes into account your supplements access


        I will provide an in-depth commentary on your responses to the questionnaire about your goals and lifestyle. A lot of times people have mental hangups that can be identified just by reading your questionnaire responses. I will help set you straight about your goals and what you need to improve!


        HOW IT WORKS

        After purchasing your plan, you will receive an email with a link to fill out a detailed questionnaire, complete with your lifestyle, diet preferences, training history, health history, supplements history, and goals.

        I will review your responses to the questionnaire and build your one-time plan based on your responses (so be sure to be as detailed as possible in your replies).

        After this information gathering process, I will deliver the plan for you via email within 2 weeks from questionnaire submission. LOOK OUT FOR AN EMAIL ONCE YOUR CHECKOUT PROCESS IS COMPLETE TO SUBMIT YOUR QUESTIONNAIRE.



        1. What age do I have to be to sign up for a coaching plan?

        I write coaching plans for EVERYONE. It doesn't matter if you are a teenager or Grandma Josephine!

        2. Since this is a one-time plan, for how long will I be able to follow this plan?

        The plan has a lot of flexibility built into it, so you should be able to follow this plan for as long as your goals remain the same.

        3. Will I be able to ask questions about my plan and get a response?

        If it is a simple question to clarify something I've written then yes send an email and I will respond. But if you want to be able to communicate 1-on-1 with me, buy a phone consultation or sign up for a 1-on-1 coaching package.

        4. How will I know what to do if you are not in the gym shouting at me?

        I am NOT your personal trainer!! I am your COACH. The plan that you get will be my way of telling you what to do in the kitchen and the gym without me supervising you. It is ON YOU to have discipline and follow it!!

        5. Are there refunds?



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